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The Remnants of Prehistoric Plant Pollen Reveal that Humans Shaped Forests 11,000 Years Ago

The discoveries could boost indigenous populations’ claims to ancestral lands long thought to be untouched by human activity

  • by Josie Garthwaite

"A tropical forest writes much of its history at large scale, producing trees as tall as skyscrapers and flowers the size of carry-on luggage. But by zooming in, scientists are uncovering chapters in forest history that were influenced by human activity far earlier than anyone thought.

A new study of pollen samples extracted from tropical forests in southeast Asia suggests humans have shaped these landscapes for thousands of years. Although scientists previously believed the forests were virtually untouched by people, researchers are now pointing to signs of imported seeds, plants cultivated for food, and land clearing as early as 11,000 years ago—around the end of the last Ice Age. The study, to be published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Archaeological Science comes from researchers led by paleoecologist Chris Hunt, of Queen’s University, Belfast, who analyzed existing data and examined samples from Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Thailand and Vietnam.

Pollen offers an important key for unlocking the history of human activity in a region where dense tropical forests make traditional excavations slow, arduous work, and thick canopies hinder aerial surveys. Reliance on building materials that perish with the centuries (rather than stone or ceramic) can make it difficult to recognize signs of long-gone inhabitants. Pollen, however, can survive for thousands of years in the right conditions and paint a picture of vegetation over time.

In the Kelabit Highlands of Borneo, for example, pollen samples dated to about 6,500 years ago contain abundant charcoal evidence of fire. That alone doesn’t reveal a human hand. But scientists know that specific weeds and trees that flourish in charred ground would typically emerge in the wake of naturally occurring or accidental blazes. What Hunt’s team found instead was evidence of fruit trees. “This indicates that the people who inhabited the land intentionally cleared it of forest vegetation and planted sources of food in its place,” Hunt explained in a statement about the study” (read more).

(Source: Smithsonian NMNH; bottom image: ibid.)

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So this just happened and I swear this is just plain bullshit. THIS ARTICLE states that anyone who is LGBT or non christians can be bullied and the state is just cool with that because of “religious beliefs”


Even if you don’t live here please help make it a better place


We need 100,000 signatures by April 26, 2014 to stop this bullshit. Please spread this like wildfire because bullying is a MAJOR problem here and this is just encouraging it. What happened to FREEDOM of religion America?

guys don’t just like or reblog if you want things to change

go fucking sign it

there are currently 17k+ notes on this thing and only 5k+ signatures like what the hell is up with that

This bill that was just past not only effects the gay community it effects everyone in the Tennessee state. In this bill students in schools are legally allowed to bully in the grounds of “protecting their religious freedoms” this means if you are not of the same religion as one person, or are gay, or anything this law says you have the right to bully other students to protect your freedoms. This law is unfathomable in the sense that people will be discriminated by their race, gender, sexuality, and yes other religions. This isn’t just about gay kids. This is about your kids. While I live in Ohio, this can effect thousands of children on a daily basis, submitting them to suicide, depression, violence, and verbal abuse. Stand up and sign this petition to get this ridiculous law taken down IMMEDIATELY. It’s discrimination, dangerous, and frankly CRUEL. No one should live in the fear of being bullied, and no one should have the right to say I can bully someone because it’s not against the law. SIGN IT.

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Felipe Coronel also known as Immortal Technique

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